We Are Open!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last we have a home, 12th time lucky, we have taken over Kaleidoscope Recording Studio and are eternally grateful to Andy Haggerstone for thinking of us once he had decided on moving out to pastures new, we wish him all the best for his new adventures.

Kaleidoscope was originally a glassworks way back when and at some point about 12 years ago a Father and Son team created Blank Recording Studios, how fitting is it that it has ended up in the hands of another Father and Son team. Kaleidoscope took over a few years ago when Blank built a fantastic new facility on Warwick Street Newcastle ironically where we thought we were gonna live. I have seen the photos of the construction process and let me tell you these guys put a shift in. So thanks to you also for making a virtually sound proof room for our lot to play music in without upsetting any local inhabitants.

So it was not without its trials and tribulations with the councils red tape, firs off we needed to apply for change of use planning and then our premises licence, the latter being surprisingly simple to achieve, so if you need to know how to go on, I’m ya man.

We have converted the lovely office upstairs into our Bar comfortably holding 30 people, hand built a bar, added new bar stools tables and shelving,.

We plan to be open as a bar from Thursday through to Sunday evening where we will have live acoustic sessions Sunday afternoons, after you have had lunch at the Tanners next door! Friday afternoon will be the home of our legendary Shan Patter theme, gawd knows what that means but people love it. It used to be a hardcore half dozen people down at Ford St, cos that’s all that would fit in the Bar.

We have fitted new toilets, remember that’s one of the things we had planned to do at the old gaff.

So far we have had 3 gigs both sold out and we are due another sell out on Saturday before we launch into our ‘3 gigs a week from March’ program.

Gig Guide to follow and See You At The Bar #SYATB